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Why Kingdom Finances?


It starts with what unites us; a love for Jesus!

As an extension of the body of Christ, Kingdom Finances works with ministries to see the Gospel preached and Jesus exalted. Our love for Jesus is the first priority. Our desire to serve Him drives us to be the be very best we can be for His kingdom.


Ultimately this business has been dedicated to God. It is for Him and by Him and done out of obedience to Him.

A business that understands how church finances work.

Many firms simply do not understand the ins and outs of church finance. Kingdom Finances specializes in church and ministry finances. Meaning, less time and money wasted on phone calls and emails trying to explain things to your accountant.

Housing allowance is one of the biggest misunderstandings among other firms. Allowing Kingdom to partner with you enables you to have an accountant that understands the special options of ministry finances.

A partner for your church, not just an accountant.

When you hire Kingdom Finances, not only do you get an accountant but you also get a team that is rooting for you. We are not just about making sure your books are in order, we want to help your church thrive in preaching the Gospel and saving souls.


One of the ways a thriving church happens is through healthy finances and having clean books.

Meet the Owner

Caleb is a pastor and the owner of Kingdom Finances LLC. He and his wife, Madison love the Lord and have a passion for ministry. This business was started out of a heart of compassion for pastors who feel overwhelmed in dealing with the finances of their church.

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